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Siddhapur city in sradhdhvidhi bindusarovar are at. Kanyayana Muni is saying” Saraswati River and the coast of Lake bindu sradhdh mother of the Mother of salvation.”

This tirth is considered the mother of his sradhdh siddhapur. The Donations to debt issue is the mother of 16 mass. The city of Tirth is the mother of the last sradhdh and Gaya father is in sradhdh.

It is in the mother’s sradhdh siddhapur city. Mahamuni kapiladeve to preach to his mother’s life from coaching in devahuti to sankhyajnana. It is possible to create from the mother sradhdh. It is the duty of every son that his deceased mother’s spirit from his mother to the peace of sradhdh. To Bolt is receiving an exemption from the mother.

Sradhdh built over the word faith. Sradhdh the glory revealed, always a parent s faith is always from the spirit forever. There are two types of sradhyavidhi, direct and indirect. These are Real rituals of Brahmins as the direct parent of sitting to sradhdh.